Samson Roller is a Tarp, Tent and Inflatable Rolling Tool.

Save time, labor and payroll using the SAMSON ROLLER. A manual one person tarp, tent and inflatable rolling machine. Average man or women can roll up to 900lb inflatable water slide without help. A very fit athletic employee can roll up 1100lbs inflatable water slide easy. Two people can roll up 2500lbs inflatable water slide. Tarp, tent and inflatables that took 2, 3 or more employees to roll up in the past. Now takes one or two employees to get the job done right and tight.

Please take a moment to review an old video uploaded to youtube way back in 2012 as a “How To” learning video for rolling up giant inflatable water slides (the old fashion way, by hand). Your probably wondering why we’re showing you this old video. Please make a mental note of the red inflatable water slide getting rolled up by hand. This red inflatable water slide weighs in at 750lbs dry. Watch one man struggle for a long time and receive helping hands when it gets too hard to roll. Fast forward into 2016 and watch SAMSON ROLLER’S demonstration video.  Same red water slide gets rolled in 7 minutes using the SAMSON ROLLER. WHY WORK HARD OR PAY MORE WHEN YOU CAN WORK SMART!

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